Taru-Anneli Koivisto

I am a doctoral researcher in the MuTri Doctoral School of Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. During my research project I was affiliated with the ArtsEqual Research Consortium (The Arts as a Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality) funded by the Academy of the Finland and Center for Educational Research and Academic Development (CERADA). My work contributed especially to the work of Arts in health, welfare and care research group.


I earned a degree in Music Education in 2004, Music Therapy in 2008 and Further Qualification Certification in entrepreneurship & well-being in 2018. I have twenty years of experience in applying wide range of music practices in education and healthcare, as well as public health projects for children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens.


As a researcher I am interested in the interdisciplinary area of music practitioners in the healthcare, public health, and arts as wellbeing. My research interests include also hybrid working and learning environments, health promotion and social justice issues.